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What you need to Know about Cloud Computing
March 06, 2022
by Aras Sundram

Gone are the days when people used to rely on their personal computers for data storage and processing. In the modern world, where technology is advancing regularly, cloud computing has proved to be the best way to do your stuff. It comes with many advantages as opposed to the personal computer and a centralized server. With cloud computing, you can improve your performance tremendously with minimal risks.

What is Cloud computing?

Whether you are an enterprise or an individual, you must have used or be using your computer to process the information you need to send out, print, or when you are doing analysis on your performance. Companies use personal; servers to save their data for an easy access from their office. However, these methods of data storage and processing have their drawbacks. It is easy to lose your data or delay your delivery and ruin your business reputation.

The cloud computing technology allows you to do all your stuff from a server hosted on the cloud (internet or network) where you can do all your services and processing without the need to download anything to your computer. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet that can connect to the network. In some other processes, you need not do anything, the system will do the job automatically.

How Can Cloud Computing Add Value to My Business?

Whatever your endeavours are, you will find out that cloud computing is more versatile for any specific task that you need. Either you need a space to store your client documents or you need a processing unit to deliver some information, it is all possible and efficient. Here are some of the benefits of cloud computing.

1. It is Convenient for Any Service You May Need:

Regardless of what you want your server to do, you do not need to worry. All that you must do is to set up your server account as per the requirements you have. The system will be fully configured to do all that you need with the least hassles on your end.

2. It Increases Your Revenues:

Cloud computing makes your database accessible globally and at an easy reach from different regions. When your services are accessible globally, you expand the market to the world and your dominance expands. You can expect maximum returns when your prospects can easily access your data online conveniently.

3. It is more Secure:

Think about working from your local computer or your self-hosted server in your house. You are aware that in case a disaster occurs, your information will be destroyed and forgotten forever. This is something you will never want to happen near you. For you to be safe, you need to get a cloud computing server for your storage of your important information. You can as well create and keep backups on your computer or on different servers online.

4. It is Scalable:

When you want to set up your server, you will need to get hardware parts. These are available in the market at specified prices. To set up a cloud server, you only pay for the specifications you need. You only pay for the storage and bandwidth that you use. If you need to increase, you can choose a different subscription plan.

 I think it’s fair to say that we’re in a golden age of computer science. – Bill Gates

Hinting that innovations like cloud computing are finally putting within reach some his early ambitions for his software company, Gates harkened to “the original vision of Microsoft, that we ought to dream about what software could do if we had infinite computing and infinite storage.”