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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rack PDU?
April 18, 2023
by BentecSEO Team

You can maximize the efficiency of your rack, the area it is in, and the company it supports by installing power protection and control systems. Power distribution units for racks or custom server rack are crucial in safeguarding rack-mounted devices.

Power may be remotely turned off in an emergency, monitored and controlled at each outlet, and distributed more securely and effectively with the correct device. A rack PDU may provide the adaptability and security features required in a rack.

To What End Is A Rack PDU Used?

Power distribution units for racks provide reliable and secure power to rack-mounted devices. Rack PDUs provide safety, monitoring, and control of electrical power. These features are crucial for protecting workers and machinery while maximizing the system’s efficiency.

Rack power distribution units (PDUs) also support several kinds of hardware. They are designed to work with a wide range of power supplies, and their flexible design allows for distribution to be tailored to individual systems. Because of this, the data centre may be expanded or contracted to meet the current demands of the company.

However, choosing the proper rack power distribution unit is crucial for effective operations. So, there are a few essential criteria to remember while picking a rack power distribution unit. A few examples are:

Energy Source

The rack PDU’s power input must be sufficient to power the system.

Force Expressed

Power from the rack PDU’s output should be adequate for the system’s needs.

Rack Power Distribution Units Reduce The Need For Expensive Network Hardware

All modern rack PDUs need network connectivity for remote control and monitoring. For earlier models, every rack power solutions require its network connection. Managing several IP addresses is a time-consuming and costly hassle for administrators. Modern rack PDUs save on infrastructure expenses by connecting several devices with a single network port and a shared IP address.

Maintenance And Updates Are Made Easier With A Rack PDU

It is frequently difficult to hot-swap servers to preserve operational continuity and install hardware updates due to the interference of older PDUs with other rack mount devices. Modern rack PDUs are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, facilitating easy access to all rack-mounted devices.

Hot-swappable components, such as meter boards, allow for installation or replacement without disrupting power to the loads. The most effective rack PDUs also have colour coding to help maintenance personnel quickly identify which circuit breaker is responsible for which outlet.

Capabilities for Supervision and Administration

One of the most important functions of a rack PDU is power monitoring. It helps data centre managers monitor energy use and ensure electricity is being delivered evenly. The rack PDU must also provide remote monitoring and management capabilities for power distribution.


The PDU does not produce power but is distributed from the available power source. The upstream Power Distribution Unit (PDU), often called a floor PDU, is linked to the PDU in a conventional data centre. During typical operations, the floor PDU delivers utility power.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) on each floor act like a home’s circuit breaker panel by dividing available power into individual circuits in the event of a power outage, allowing electricity to be distributed to all building areas.