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Deliver training anytime, anywhere to your on-the-go employees

LMS for Transportation – Why It’s Needed

Streamlining Training Processes

Cloud Based Learning System

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Easy, Quick Access to Learning Courses

Engaging and Interesting Learning Content

Keeping Close Track of Employee Performance

Transportation LMS Features

Mobile Compatibility

Give your employees the chance to stay updated with their learning no matter where they may be, in the office, on the road or even at home. With the Mobile Compatibility feature of Paradiso transportation LMS, your employees can access their courses from anywhere, at any convenient time and on any mobile device they choose.

Learning Paths

Create role based customized learning paths for employees of all levels. Individual or grouped learning paths ensure that no matter what level the employee is at, be it Transportation Manager or driver, he is getting the optimum level of training he needs. You can also decide the sequence in which the employees receive their training, for further streamlining the learning process.

Cloud LMS

Having all the data on the cloud makes it easy for employees to gain quick access to their learning material at all times. In an industry like transportation where employees are frequently on the move, this feature becomes a definite blessing for their training needs.

Performance Management and Advanced Reporting

Keeping a watch on your employee’s’ performance is of critical importance, particularly in an industry like transportation logistics, where the staff has to be highly trained in order to carry out the required operations. With Paradiso’s Advanced reporting and performance management tools, you can create relevant reports at the drop of a hat, all the while keeping up to date with your employee’s performance at all points of time.

Extended Enterprise

Keep all your departments completely focused on their tasks while you maintain centralized control, with the extended enterprise or multi tenant feature of Paradiso transportation LMS. You can employ customized branding for each individual department and easily delegate relevant functionality to each department.


Transportation is one industry where the learning content is generally very technical and complex in nature, which can make it seem quite boring or dry, resulting in a lack of employee engagement and motivation. Thanks to Paradiso Transportation LMS’s gamification feature, you can now change this and use game elements like quizzes, roleplaying games, polls and more to simplify the content, keeping your employees energized and excited to learn.

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