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Server Racks – Different sizes & mounting options available

Get the most out of your server room storage with our server racks and accessories in Singapore.


If you are looking for a trusted server rack supplier in Singapore, you have come to the right place. Bentec Digital SG has a range of server racks for all your needs – no matter if you are looking to buy wall mount server racks or server cabinets.

With a goal to provide every client with a great experience, we are dedicated to helping you understand what you need and getting it to you quickly. Buy an effective and high-quality server rack in Singapore today.

Wall Mounted

Wall mount server racks are used for racking network equipment such as switches or patch panels. Ideal for mounting equipment vertically or horizontally, our wall mount server racks are an effective solution to save space and maintain access at the same time. Bentec’s wall mount server racks are compatible with 19” standard equipment.

Floor Standing

Floor standing racks are designed for secure and easy accommodation of equipment, including cabling. Standing server rack cabinets are ideal for data centres with a large amount of equipment. They are larger in size as compared to wall mounted server racks and some may have wheels attached for allow for easy movement.

Ip Racks

Bentec Digital Solutions Industrial / IP enclosures are a cost-effective solution where simplicity of design meets your requirements without any compromise in quality or compliance. They are ideal for both floor or wall mounting and have an outstanding insulation and protection against dust or strong waterjets.


For excellent data centre containment solutions, trust that Bentec Digital SG has got you covered as an established server rack supplier in Singapore. Our extensive range of server racks offers a strong platform for your important network and AV equipment.

Server racks can help you store and secure equipment in a neat and orderly manner by managing cables to reduce clutter. A good server rack should allow for ease of access and monitoring. Additionally, storing servers or other electronic equipment in a rack makes it easier to manage airflow and cooling issues. Our dedicated team is committed to help you fit your equipment properly in its space using various sizes and mounting options.

With our server room storage solutions, know that we are with you to reach your unique performance requirements goal so that your servers perform at peak capacity.