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Rack Based Cooling

In a data centre or server room, the electrical power delivered to IT loads results in heat, which must be eliminated to prevent delicate electronic equipment from overheating. Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are used to circulate cold air in the server room and around this equipment. Typically, rack-based cooling systems are used in server rooms where cooling is required stand-alone high density server racks.



If you are on the hunt for cooling solutions for your server room, look no further. Here at Bentec Digital, our server rack cooling systems in Singapore utilise energy efficient air-to-water exchangers. This cooling solution is room independent and can be used for various rack configurations.

Reach out to us today for an effective server rack cooling solution in Singapore.

Server Rack Cooling System

With rack-based cooling systems, computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are allocated to each rack. These are directly installed to, or within the server racks. Rack-oriented airflow channels are shorter than room-oriented cooling architecture. The decrease in length of the airflow channel minimises the CRAC fan power required and allows for the maximum power density (up to 60 kW) to be achieved. Thus, this enhances the overall efficiency of the cooling system.

Moreover, a rack-based cooling system allows for the cooling capacity to be tailored to the unique demands of each individual server rack. Examples of such specific needs may include varied power densities. 2N or N+1 redundancy can also be targeted to individual server racks. Row-based cooling, on the other hand, enables these features to be defined only at the row level, and room-based cooling only allows for them to be targeted at room level. Hence, a rack-based cooling solution is ideal for data centres that require targeted cooling for high density server racks.

The nVent SCHROFF Varistar LHX+ series is a cooling system designed for server racks with high heat dissipation losses. This 800mm wide cooling cabinet is integrated with an energy efficient air-to-water heat exchanger and SHX 30 cooler. This cooler has a cooling capacity of up to 34 kW and is fitted to the left or right-side panel of the cooling cabinet.
The nVent SCHROFF Varistar LHX+ cabinet offers full rack unit (RU) mounting space and has a maximum static load capacity of 1600kg. The rack-based cooling technology is room-independent and may be configured in a variety of ways. The heat is transmitted to the cooling medium as the warm exhaust air from the servers passes through the heat exchangers, and the cooled air is provided in front of the 19” plane. Securely sealed, no ambient air is pulled into the cabinet and noise emissions are kept as a minimum.