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Power Distribution Unit

Distributes and manages electricity supply to computers, servers, and networking devices within a data centre environment.



Here at Bentec Digital, we offer an extensive range of power distribution units (PDUs), including metered, basic, and intelligent PDUs in Singapore for all your network rack power supply needs. Designed to be installed in a server rack cabinet with various options and selections, our unique power distribution units in Singapore come equipped with environmental monitoring, power metering, single and three-phase supplies, and an outlet socket configuration and number.

For businesses that require assistance organising their network rack power distribution or choosing the best PDU for their data centre project or server room, we are always ready to help. Simply drop us a message and we can assist you in all your network rack power distribution needs.

Power Distribution Unit

Basic PDU

Power Distribution Unit Singapore

Intelligent PDU

Basic vs Intelligent PDUs

Basic PDUs are multi-outlet power distribution devices that typically look like a larger version of a power strip or extension cable you would find at a hardware store. Basic PDUs are able to distribute voltage and electric currents accurately to multiple outlets. They are an inexpensive network rack power supply source and entry-level solution for any data centre.

Intelligent PDUs, on the other hand, provide dependable power distribution and various levels of outlet and inlet level metering, data collection, outlet switching, power control and environmental sensor instrumentation. These features allow for readings to be recorded by a data centre operator via an LED screen or sent over the network via the NIC card and iPDU’s communications module.

Apart from basic and intelligent PDUs, another consideration to bear in mind when choosing a rack mount PDU is whether they are horizontally or vertically mounted. Horizontal rack mount PDUs are installed in the rack and typically take up much more space as compared to vertical rack mount PDUs which are installed at the side or back of the rack enclosure.

Features of our PDUs

  •  Single or multi-phase PDUs (dual power feed entry for single phase Rack Power PDUs)
  • Mounting hardware included. 19’ inch Rack Mounting (1 and 2 RU offering)
  • Remote power on/off switch
  • 5 Configuration types: RP100, RP1000, RP1500, RP2000, RP3000
  • Input voltages Asia and European 230 VAC or 400 VAC, North American 110 / 120 VAC or 208 VAC
  • Global plug and receptacles IEC and NEMA rated
  • External monitoring and communications – secure and protected LAN connection
  • Remote and local monitoring of single circuits and outlets showing data for voltage (Volt), energy consumption (kWh), current (AMP) and power (kW) of entire PDU with a metering accuracy of within +/- 1%
  • Field replaceable, “hot-swappable”, smart monitor (RP Meter) and DC module
  • Versatile vertical / cabinet and rack mounting
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor or Temperature Sensor
  • Power cord whip
  • Various plug styles and cord lengths available. Also available in low smoke zero halogen (LSZH)
  • Surge protection