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Learning Management System: 4 Ways It Empowers Businesses
April 07, 2022
by Bentec Editor

Proper and efficient resource management is a crucial cornerstone to business success. This is one of the primary reasons that drive companies to search for and embrace the newest developments in technology to better optimise their management processes.

Most small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) get the wrong impression that learning management systems (LMS) are only for the likes of bigger organisations with thousands of employees under their roof. This is far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, SMEs could potentially benefit the most from using an LMS. A LMS supercharges the effectiveness and efficiency of their employee training and development processes, all while being cost-effective. In this article, we explore in more detail about learning management systems and how they can empower your business.

Learning Management Systems in a nutshell

A learning management system, or LMS for short, is essentially a software solution that allows employers to create and deliver e-learning content to their employees. It generally comprises of a server that handles core functionality such as managing and delivering courses and features a modern user interface for desktop and mobile devices used by administrators, instructors, and students alike.

There are various types of LMS, such as open-source ones. These are often free but require plenty of work to set up, maintain, and update to get it running. On the other hand, commercial LMS solutions came at a cost but are much easier to use and deploy. Regardless of which you go for, the fact remains that a LMS is a great tool that can help increase profits, expand one’s customer base, and directly play a role in achieving business success. Here are 4 ways a LMS can achieve all these and empower your business.

  1. Provides real-world training with easy monitoring

Online LMS platforms can provide employees with training and courses in a real-world setting without actually going out to the real world! For instance, a training course could be about properly using a cash register and conducting a sale. This can all be taught via an LMS course that they can watch on-site or remotely. In addition, monitoring features allow for superiors to track an employee’s progress and evaluate reports of their performance.

Once managers understand what is lacking, they can provide supplementary training to improve their staff’s abilities. The end goal is to ensure employees can apply their expertise in the right areas. Furthermore, they can also get the chance to learn a variety of new skills that broaden their experience in the company.

  1. Improves customer service

It is no surprise that good employee training leads to improved customer service. By equipping employees with the necessary knowledge and tools they need for their role, they can have a good grasp of the basics of customer care to better represent the brand. Businesses can also enhance their staff’s information retention by making mobile learning accessible to their employees.

This is backed by statistics that show that learners get 40 minutes more study time each week when they are able to access learning materials conveniently. Using an LMS that offers all the training courses an employee needs whenever they need it can significantly boost their skills, which would result in improved customer experience and ultimately greater profits.

  1. Easily disseminate product updates and changes to relevant policies

Changes to company policies or new government-enacted regulations are often not quickly disseminated to all personnel. In this case, announcing these policies or laws on the LMS platform helps keep employees updated much more conveniently. With staff being kept up to date much quicker, the company can avoid paying unnecessary costs that result from clueless staff who may make certain mistakes because they are not aware of the updated policies. This will save a ton of money in the long term!

  1. Empowers cost-effectiveness

Learning management systems do away with printed materials and instructors holding training classes for the most part. These factors alone make using a LMS a highly cost-effective way of training employees. By leveraging on digital transformation, employers now need only make a small investment in constructing the information that goes into training courses and essential booklets, if necessary. Moreover, cost-savings also extend to the smaller details, such as printing supplies, electricity, and many others.


Until today, many companies follow the traditional way of training their employees when there exists a more beneficial solution in the way of a learning management system. By fully unlocking its potential and usefulness, a LMS can improve not only many aspects of your business, but also allow you to stay competitive and make leaps and bounds towards your desired success.

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