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Leak Detection In Data Centres: Why They Are Indispensable
May 05, 2022
by Bentec Editor

In an environment as highly controlled as data centres, water leaks can result in severe damage and long-term problems for an organisation. If water leaks into critical equipment and systems, it could lead to costly downtimes and high repair costs. Besides equipment damage, water leaks also pose another threat in the form of electrical fires, which puts staff and property at risk as well as potentially damaging even more hardware. Another general concern about hardware being compromised is information privacy and data loss. Research on the latter states that 43 per cent of companies that suffer from total data loss never open again, while 29 per cent that do recover tend to shut down two years later.

Due to these ever-present risks, all data centres must be protected with a leak detection system that can automatically notify staff of the slightest leakage before the situation escalates. This early alarm system helps eliminate the odds of water leaks affecting day-to-day operations and, ultimately, affecting a company’s bottom line. With that said, here are a few more reasons why leak detection is indispensable in data centres.


1. Prevents loss in more ways than one

The speed at which water leak detection systems identify leakages can help businesses determine when and where leakages occur — allowing for swift action that prevents the risk of losing their investments along with the need to pay huge sums for repairs or reparations for injured personnel.

The potential losses associated with water leaks relate to physical loss of hardware, financial loss from structural damage and any potential penalties, and loss of business from the resulting downtime. Moreover, this downtime may also impact the organisation’s public image and overall reputation.

2. Be proactive

Given how leaks can go unnoticed and persist for a long time, all while causing serious damage before they are detected, it pays to be proactive to minimise the damage and disruption they can cause. By installing a modern leak detection that can accurately identify even the smallest drip leak, businesses can cut down on the time needed to investigate the issue and, in turn, the cost of repairs and reinstatement.

3. Gain much-needed benefits

Besides their main purpose, water leak detection systems and their accompanying sensory equipment can provide businesses with many other crucial benefits, such as:

  • Data analytics

Most modern leak detection systems come with smart apps that allow business owners, facility managers, and other relevant personnel to capture and analyse water flow data to evaluate their water consumption.

  • Maintenance program

Leak detection activations can pinpoint abnormalities in the plumbing system, which helps businesses prioritise budgets and direct maintenance programs.

  • Reduced number of incidents

By highlighting problems in the plumbing infrastructure, leak detection enables subsequent repairs that result in healthier infrastructure and a reduced number of incidents experienced.

  • Client assurance

Organisations that store client data and are protected by a comprehensive leak detection system offer greater assurance to clients regarding the safety of their data.

  • Business continuity

With leak detection, server rooms and data centres boast higher resilience to water damage and, ultimately, business interruptions.

  • Favourable insurance terms

Insurance companies favorably view businesses protected by a comprehensive leak detection platform that is tried and tested to reduce losses.



Given that data is the new gold in today’s world, it only makes sense to equip the data centres that store and handle them with all the protective tools available today. The cost of water damage can extend beyond monetary and possibly even to disastrous extended downtimes and, in the worst case, data loss. By installing a leak detection platform, the simple yet effective precautions it brings can aid in the long-term survival of your data centre and the business as a whole.

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