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Industrial Wired & Wireless Networking Solutions

Bentec Digital along with our Partners Korenix provides innovative, market-oriented, value-focused Industrial Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions. With decades of experiences in the industry, we have developed various product lines, including:

   • Industrial Ethernet Switch
   • Industrial Power-over-Ethernet Switch
   • Ethernet SFP/SFP+ Fiber Transceiver:
   • Industrial Wireless & Cellular Solution:
   • Industrial Media Converter:
   • Industrial Computer & Serial Server & I/O:
   • Network Management Software

Ethernet Switch

To fulfill harsh environments with vibrations and electrical noise, we enable to provide high quality switches with industrial certificates such as Heavy Industrial, IEC 61850-3, EN50155, NEMA TS2 etc. In addition, managed switches provide a friendly management interface, comprehensive security and patent MSR to assist you to reduce recovery time and secure your network.


Cellular technology allows users to easily establish connectivity between isolated networks, giving greater flexibility for building secure applications. Industrial wireless solutions provide invaluable wireless infrastructure for your WLAN, covering affordable, entry-level wireless access points/clients to high-end multifunctional access points/stations.

Media Converter

We have a wide range of media converters to meet industry needs, including fiber, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS

Industrial Connectivity

We provide multiple device server, fieldbus gateway, protocol switches, industrial computer and I/O solution in industrial level. Products offer enhanced protection design and certifications for application.


We provide SFP module, power supply, and antenna make easier in implementing your selected products.