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In Row Cooling

In row heat exchanger specifically designed to cool cabinets with high thermal loads within an aisle containment structure. Included in the row as a modular unit. Units are scalable to your packaging density and redundancy requirements.

In-row air-to-liquid heat exchanger with up to 75kW per cooler


  • The entire cooling system is housed in a separate enclosure for easy integration into a row of contained server racks
  • Fans move the warm exhaust air from the servers through an air-to-water heat exchanger, where it gets cooled before being provided into the cold aisle


  • The units can be scaled optimally to suit packaging density and redundancy can be implemented.
  • Available in 2 different performance classes – Cooling performance of 55kW (300 mm) and 75kW (600 mm) in optimal operating conditions
  • Built-in redundancy through EC fan technology

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