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How To Choose The Best Server Racks For Your Data Centre
May 10, 2022
by Bentec Editor

Server racks have become an essential component of network infrastructures such as data centres and server rooms. This is especially so with the increasing reliance on the internet which has resulted in data centres growing in size and complexity. By managing cables and reducing clutter, server racks may assist you in storing and securing your electronic equipment in a tidy manner.

For those who are looking to invest in new server racks, equipping yourself with the relevant knowledge is necessary to ensure that you select one that is best suited for your data centre as well as your equipment that you are about to mount. To help you out, we have compiled a list of several factors you should consider when selecting server racks.


Size is arguably one of the most important factors to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a suitable server rack. After all, a server rack that is the wrong size would not be able to hold your equipment properly. Thus, it is vital that you take note of the dimensions of your servers prior to purchasing a rack. The two main measurements that are often taken into consideration when selecting a server rack is the unit depth and unit height.

Apart from the size of your servers, the size of your data centre or server room should also be considered. For instance, floor standing server racks are typically larger in size and ideal for data centres with considerably more space and equipment. On the other hand, wall mounted racks could be a better option for places or offices that do not have the luxury of space.

Open VS closed frame

One of the most notable differences in various types of server racks is whether they are open or closed frames.

Server racks with open frames allow for greater accessibility to your equipment. Cable management can also be made much easier with an open frame rack. The minor con however, of open frame racks, is the security of your equipment. With the rack having no door or lock, your equipment stored is exposed for anyone to take or tamper with.

On the other hand, closed frame server racks offer a great deal of security since your servers can be locked up, reducing the risk of accidental device damage. However, the process of installing, accessing and maintaining equipment may be a little trickier due to the rack’s obstructed and enclosed nature.

There is no right or wrong option – both types simply serve different purposes so it is up to you to determine which would be more suitable for your needs.

Consider your cooling solutions

Proper ventilation and cooling are key to ensure that your equipment and servers can perform optimally for a long time.

While open frame server racks allow for natural airflow to carry away the heated air, cooling strategies are often a more viable solution to ensure that the temperature around your equipment is controlled. Thus, given the importance of cooling solutions, the server rack you choose will likely depend on the cooling methods used in your environment. For instance, a fully enclosed server rack or cabinet would be great if a liquid cooling unit will be used in your data centre.


It is no secret that the benefits of a quality server rack are aplenty. Thus, selecting a suitable server rack for your data centre’s needs is imperative. Hopefully, the top considerations we have covered can serve as a useful guide in helping you to choose and purchase the best server rack for your data centre.

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