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The one stop shop for all Your eLearning Needs

Easy to Use User Interface

Compliance Reporting & Features

Enhanced Data Security

508 Compliance / Accessibility

FedRAMP Compatible & Highly Secure

On Premise & Cloud Version Available

Documented, Virtual & Classroom Training for LMS Administration

Dedicated Support Based in USA

Extended Enterprise / Multi-Tenant

Learning Paths in your LMS

The Government / Public Sector agencies need to implement continuous learning as a part of their work process to improve the performance and overall development of their staff. However, the eLearning needs of Government / Public Sector agencies are very different from their private sector counterparts. Our customized eLearning solutions will help them fulfill their diverse learning needs easily and in a cost effective way.

Need LMS of Government Sector

  • Modernize the eLearning programs, increase user participation and engagement.
  • Use newer eLearning technologies without the need for added IT infrastructure.
  • Improve shareability of information across groups of users, while helping keep the right information accessible to the right people.
  • Reduce the training costs.
  • Keep the data highly secure with strict compliances.
  • Streamline training pan organization or create separate training modules for each department or division.
  • Ease your eLearning operations with dedicated local client support to assist you every step of the way.

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