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Benefits of Using a Quality Server Rack
March 14, 2022
by Bentec

A server rack may hold items on either a four or two post frame. So, in essence, it is a frame which holds all a rack mount server’s component. Some of the latest server racks are designed to hold the server related equipment as well other electronic equipment. The cabinet can keep these items cool by regulating the flow of air from the front to the back of the system. This is a particularly good feature for offices where the standard central cooling may not be adequate to keep all the critical computer equipment at the optimum temperature.

Today, server racks are available in all shapes and sizes, plus customers can also get custom racks made based on their specific needs. Probably one of the biggest benefits of some of the latest data centre racks available in the market is the fact that they are well designed and can look tidy. The price of purchasing one small data cabinet may not be substantial, but if you need to purchase multiple large cabinets then the cost can be more than the server itself. Prices also depend on the size of the unit and how sophisticated the cooling options are. Open frame racks measure around 24U to a good 50U which should suffice for most enterprise environments. For a little extra money, you can also get an optional wheel caster kit as well as a 2-Post server cabinet, which can accommodate a large data centre.

Salient Features of the Best Server Racks

As a business your data and your business’s IT infrastructure are two of the most important things. As a small or medium-sized business you may be tempted to purchase a really cheap server rack which is great if you have a few basic needs, you need fulfilled, but you need to keep in mind that you’ll spend extra when it comes time to expand and add more components to your system.

Ideally you should opt for server racks which offer advanced functions such as power distribution, cooling as well as cable management. Make sure that your racks are accompanied by 180-degree hinges, a flush latch and a curved door which makes adding and taking out stuff easy. Compared to other types of servers holding equipment server enclosures are designed with curved and smooth edges which prevents damage to cables running two and from the server.

Other benefits of high-quality server racks include:

• Cable Management: They make managing cables easy
• Security: They provide superior physical security to your server and the data on your server.
• Access for Engineers: Some of the latest server racks can also accompany a keyboard, mouse switches, video, and Ethernet hubs.
• Expandable: Additional shelves can also be added to the ones already mounted
• Uptime: When servers have been fitted into a secure rack, they reduce the risk of any server outages caused by cable damage.

The market today is filled with numerous types of server rack cases, all of which promise to be the best. However, some careful inspection and obviously research should help you determine which types of racks are tough and secure and which should be avoided. It goes without saying that paying a little extra for a high-quality computer server cabinet is worth it, since it can protect your IT equipment and important web servers from harm. Ensuring that everything is organized and runs as it should, without issues, is preferable to lengthy downtime of your online business.