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Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic transfer switches (ATS) increase the resilience of your electrical power installation.

Provides power redundancy to single-corded IT devices, ensuring there is no downtime that could be caused by power interruptions

Devices automatically and seamlessly switch power sources when power loss is detected from the primary input

Power inputs can be switched at the rack on the ATS itself or remotely over IP, saving time and resources

Power metrics can be monitored remotely over IP to assist with capacity planning and improve overall efficiency

Provide remote on/off outlet switching over network IP

Free management software provided to remotely manage the ATS

All units include monitoring, circuit monitoring and outlet switching

Local meter is field replaceable 2.00 (51mm) color LCD

Overload protection: Hydraulic-magnetic Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

Transfer time: 10ms

Operating temperature: 23-140 F (-5-60 C)

Operating humidity: 0~95%, non-condensing

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