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5 Industries That Reap The Most Benefits From Using A LMS
April 26, 2022
by BentecSEO Team

Learning management systems (LMS), one of the most revolutionary tools invented today, have been a staple for many organisations in training their employees for years. Although every individual has their own way of learning, incorporating a LMS can empower businesses as well as help improve efficiency and engagement among students and instructors.

With the advent of the recent pandemic and social distancing restrictions, even more industries are beginning to realise the necessity and benefits of leveraging remote learning to train new hires and improve the skills of their seasoned employees. This mass adoption is reflected in the market statistics for learning management systems, which now show that it is set to increase by $9.2 billion to $22.4 billion by 2023. With that said, let us explore which 5 industries benefit the most from a LMS.

  1. Educational institutions

Being primarily a learning tool, it makes perfect sense to integrate a LMS into the education industry. In fact, the education industry is the first to widely adopt learning management systems for its operations and is continually being used by all kinds of schools and educational institutes in various ways.

One of the best things about using a LMS in an educational setting is that it allows for a personalised touch towards learning for students. Now, this highly complementary tool for classroom learning allows students and teachers to collaborate in virtual campuses where they can make the education system their very own. And with the disruption caused by the pandemic, a LMS has become more relevant now than ever to ensure students continue their education while staying safe at home.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare is the next big industry supporting the growth of the LMS market in the post-pandemic. By integrating a healthcare LMS into the system, providing staff with the right kind of training in a quick and timely manner becomes much simpler to do. This manner of training also allows for the management to track their employees’ progress and evaluate their skills easily, resulting in better overall healthcare service.

  1. Enterprise training programmes

With its reliable functions and proven benefits, corporate learning management systems are continually being adopted by companies to transform their training programs and boost efficiency to greater heights. Since a LMS is specifically designed to help create a holistic corporate training experience, many now come with features that allow for customising both on-site and online courses.

Learning management systems also enable all relevant parties greater freedom and flexibility in using the system. For educators, this means constructing their eLearning courses depending on the intended students – whether that is the company’s trainees, employees, dealers, or partners. For students, this flexibility comes in the form of learning anytime and anywhere, which is made possible with mobile learning via mobile devices like smartphones. According to research made by the eLearning industry, around 58 per cent of employees favour self-paced learning, further boosting the popularity of learning management systems in workplace training.

Finally, modern learning management platforms are highly scalable so they can fit into all kinds of organisations, effectively helping cut down on costs and reducing training time.

  1. Compliance sector

Being in the compliance industry requires a careful understanding of significant legal aspects relevant to a particular business. To help in adhering to these policies, many compliance departments rely on a LMS to stay on top of compliance-related areas such as wellness training, worker safety and product clearance and certifications.

Since most LMS software is intuitive and easy to use, they simplify the need to comply with industry regulations. Given how compliance is indispensable across various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, food and beverage, and more, learning management systems have become rather ubiquitous for every company.

  1. Manufacturing industry

A LMS in manufacturing can quickly bridge the gap between the lack of employees and skill training. Even today, many problems exist in the assembly industry, which is mainly due to not having a proper training module. However, all that can change with the help of an excellent learning management system.

The need to stay up to date with the many changing rules and regulations is why this industry should consider using a LMS. In addition, there is also the much-needed benefit of instruction cost reduction. In today’s post-pandemic, the manufacturing industry will need all the advantages and improvements that LMS integration brings to hasten its part in restoring the global economy.


The possibilities offered by a learning management system is immense, with many new ways to leverage its functionalities just waiting to be uncovered. Of course, having a top-of-the-line learning management system is hardly an end-all-be-all solution to an organization’s learning and training challenges. Still, it is nonetheless extremely useful with its invaluable advantages.

If you are looking for a reliable learning management system in Singapore, Bentec Digital Solutions is here for you. When you choose our LMS, you are investing in a robust, multi-device and user-friendly learning management system that will certainly provide you with the best value for your money. Contact us today for any enquiries and we would be happy to assist you!