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We Are Bentec™

The IT department is the core of your business growth and security. Bentec Digital Solutions offers you everything you need to achieve your enterprise goals while saving you money on every investment.

At Bentec, we believe that the best IT solutions are not based on the price tag. Our approach is based on innovation to deliver reliable services, software, and hardware solutions that meet your expectations and support you toward achieving your business goals.

We Provide

Data Center Solutions

Solutions that keep data centers secure, sustainable and online. Our integrated technologies help data centers stay safe while operating efficiently. 100+ Years Of Experience. Make Inquiries.


Our Web-based Learning Management System has the most number of features and integrations at an affordable price range. You can easily create, customize and deliver online training or courses that would let you get to the next level.

Digital Solutions

Grow your online platform through our human-centered, engaging, and future-proof approach to web design. Our Best Graphics Designer & Video editors are waiting for your project.


With our global offices in the US, Malaysia and Singapore, we are confident that we are the best choice for all your digital solutions and data centre needs.

Updates from the Road

How To Approach Data Center And Server Room Installation?

How To Approach Data Center And Server Room Installation?

The world of communication technology is changing pretty fast. It is getting advanced day by day. As a business house, your server communication rooms should be high tech, for which you need to design the room using the most advanced equipment and tools. If you...

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rack PDU?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rack PDU?

You can maximize the efficiency of your rack, the area it is in, and the company it supports by installing power protection and control systems. Power distribution units for racks or custom server rack are crucial in safeguarding rack-mounted devices. Power may be...

We can avoid the high infrastructure costs. Because we offer professional colocation racks for your housing solution and provide maximum reliability – at a level previously reserved for large-scale companies.
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